Submissions EEHR n. 5 (2022)

Special Issue:

Central and South-Eastern Europe between the Christian and Ottoman worlds: conflicts, encounters, and compromises (16th-18th centuries)

Special Issue Editor: Dr. Ph.D. Canan Parmaksizoğlu (Turkish National Defense University – Turkey)

In collaboration with: MTA-PPKE Vilmos Fraknói Vatican Historical Research Group

Deadlines: 31 October 2021 (abstract. Max: 250 words)/ 31 March 2022 (full text. Max: 35,000/ 40,000 characters, including spaces and notes)

The Ottoman Empire’s progress in Europe during the Early Modern Age has been a matter of concern for European Catholic States. The fast expansion of the Turks in East Europe since XV. century had been perceived as a threat both military and culturally for Christian European civilization because of the undesirable representation of “the other”. Particularly the siege of Otranto during Fatih the Conquerer era in XV. century, the Ottoman’s progress in Central Europe during Suleyman the Magnificent era and Chief Admiral Hayreddin Barbarossa Paşa’s consecutive attacks in the Mediterranean had caused disturbance and fear for centuries in Europe. In the second half of XVII. century, the Ottoman Empire’s continuous progress in East and Central Europe, as well as the siege of Vienna, the capital of Habsburg Empire, in 1683 had aggravated this historic fear. As a matter of fact, the Ottoman Empire’s progress had led Catholic European States to form several alliances such as the Holly Leagues with the encouragement of the Pope and fight against the Ottoman Empire. Thus, Central and Southern Europe had faced these two great civilizations’ conflict and clash many times between XVI. and XVIII. centuries. Accordingly, these lands had gained critical significance during these periods.

Eastern European History Review’s new edition titled Central and South-Eastern Europe between the Christian and Ottoman worlds: conflicts, encounters and compromises (16th-18th centuries) focuses on enlightenment of these significant historic events through the works of European and Turkish researchers.

Languages: English, Italian.

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