CESPoM Editorial Series

Direct expression of the Study Center on the Sobieski Age and Modern Poland, this series was born as a space for analysis and deepening of the relationships between the glorious Kingdom of Jan III Sobieski, the Holy See, and the other states of Modern Europe.
Over the years, it has extended its interests to the entire geopolitical side of Central-Eastern Europe, notoriously fundamental and strategic for the History, Culture, and Society of the Modern Age.
CESPoM encourages in-depth publications and analyses on historiographical issues relating to the history of Central-Eastern Europe on the basis of archival research and updated summaries of current historiography.

The CESPoM Series publishes monographs and miscellaneous books.
CESPoM also periodically publishes the Quaderni del CESPoM Series.

The Center on the Age of Sobieski and Modern Poland encourages the submission of unpublished works, or English translations, for publication. Each work will be reviewed by two reviewers appointed by the Study Center and subject to the approval of the Scientific Committee of CESPoM.
Authors are invited to contact the Sette Città Edizioni Publishing House.


Consult here the books of the CESPoM Series

Consult here the books of the Quaderni del CESPoM Series