NEW: EEHR n. 5/2022 Special Issue

Central and South-Eastern Europe between the Christian and Ottoman worlds: conflicts, encounters and compromises (XVI-XVIII centuries

Edited by Canan Parmaksızoğlu Aksoy

This special issue of Eastern European History Review addresses the complex and intense history of Christian-Ottoman relations in Central and Eastern Europe during the Early Modern Period.
Tracing the salient moments and facts with battles, border issues, diplomacy and intelligence, the volume – with the participation of authors from different parts of Europe and Türkiye – constitutes an international opportunity to analyze topics that continually offer new study themes.
Central and South-Eastern Europe between the Christian world and the Ottoman world: conflicts, encounters and compromises (XVI-XVIII centuries), edited by the Türkiysh historian Canan Parmaksızoğlu Aksoy, and co-edited by Katalin Nagy, is the result of research and scientific collaboration between the CESPoM Study Center and Vilmos Fraknói Vatican Historical Research Group (ELKH-PPKE-PTE).

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